Hangovers by the numbers: Which state is the drunkest?

A lot of Americans like to drink, but it turns out different states imbibe more than others.

Blowfish, a company that manufactures a hangover cure supplement, sponsored a study conducted among over 5,000 Americans over the age of 21. They used also additional sales data on alcoholic beverages collected from the Alcoholic Epidemiologic Data System (AEDS) to round out the results.

So who drinks the most in the U.S.? The top beverage consumers may surprise you.

Maine comes first, followed by Wyoming, Alaska, Delaware and Washington D.C. And while Washingtonians don’t drink the most, they are the biggest complainers when it comes to feeling hungover.

Nationwide, people tend to underreport how much they drink. The average American says they consume 277 alcoholic beverages a year but data collected by Blowfish indicates that they’re drinking nearly four times that—819 beverages per person per year. That’s over two drinks a day.

No surprise that beer tops the list as America’s favorite alcoholic beverage, followed by vodka and red wine. But when it comes to hard alcohol, women prefer the fruity kick of a margarita while men opt for a rum and coke.

Blue Moon, Sam Adams and Bud Light are America’s favorite beers.

The full infographic has some pretty awesome insights – including who is most likely to dial an ex while intoxicated-- into the drinking habits across the U.S.

Where does your state stack up? Check out the top 10 alcohol imbibing states.

1. Maine

2. Wyoming

3. Alaska

4. Delaware

5. Washington, D.C.

6. Florida

7. Wisconsin

8. New Hampshire

9. Alabama

10. Idaho