Government study confirms that Americans love pizza

Everyone knows that Americans love pizza. But apparently the government just had to confirm it.

A new study released by the USDA analyzes the consumption habits of U.S. children and adults between 2007 and 2010. The study shows what is pretty much what is universally known: that Americans love pizza-- and eat it often.

On any given day 13 percent of adults eat pizza, according to the study. Other findings include:

--A higher percentage of males (15%) than females (11%) consumed pizza on any given

--Children (2-19 years) are almost twice as likely to consume pizza than adults (20 years and over).

--From a dietary standpoint, pizza provided about one-third of the day’s total intake for calcium and almost 40 percent of daily sodium intake among Adult consumers.

--For adults, the majority of pizza was consumed at dinner, while children ate pizza at almost equal percentages for lunch and dinner.

The study also says that pizza has important nutrients, including calcium, fiber, potassium and lycopene, a carotenoid found in tomatoes and other vegetables --and provides about one-third of the day’s total intake for calcium and more than one-half of the day’s total intake for lycopene.

No word yet on our favorite toppings.

The study was conducted by the federally-funded Food Surveys Research Group. While it is unclear how much money went into conducting the study, it told us pretty much what we already know: pizza rocks. reached out to the USDA and is awaiting comments.