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    Alaska Airlines CEO says his airline lost his bag

    The best NFL tailgating cities

    How to celebrate Halloween all month long

    United CEO: Carrier hasn't lived up 'our potential'


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    Zip line popularity soars along with injuries, study finds

    Study finds beauty really is in the eye of the beholder

    It used to be easier to be thin, study finds

    Not all anti-bullying laws created equal


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    What Obama doesn't understand about Oregon shooter Chris Mercer

    The Oregon shootings and Barack Obama, our politicizer-in-chief

    Supreme Court's new term reminds us that a president's picks matter... a lot

    My challenge for every parent

    Election 2016

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    Microsoft to open giant NY City store this month, just a few blocks from Apple's

    iPhone 6s Plus review: One fast smartphone

    Tech Q&A: Speed up your startup, computer security and more

    Stop Facebook targeted ads and tracking

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    Air & Space

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    New NASA images show Pluto’s moon Charon in stunning detail

    Digging History

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    Lost 'Epic of Gilgamesh' verse depicts cacophonous abode of gods

    Wild Nature

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    Rare ‘sofa shark’ stuns scientists

    Planet Earth

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    SolarCity will make its most sophisticated rooftop solar panel in the US – not China


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    Al Roker sorry for 'insensitive' storm selfie

    Jason Priestley not happy with Tori Spelling's sex claims

    Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise's adopted daughter secretly marries, report says

    Emily Blunt says she became U.S. citizen 'mainly for tax reasons'

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    Amtrak train derails in central Vermont, multiple injuries reported

    Bloody Baltimore: No end seen to post-Freddie Gray spike in homicides, shootings

    Witnesses say Oregon gunman handed something to student to give to authorities

    Arizona authorities make arrest in suburban Phoenix freeway shooting


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    White House

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    Obama says Iran and President Assad represent Russia's entire coalition in Syria


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    Confusion hangs over start of US, Russia military talks on Syria

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