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    Spend the night at one of these gorgeous church hotels

    Meet the flight attendant who leaves uplifting messages on airplane windows

    The best cruise lines in the world, according to Cruise Critic

    Disney considers off-peak pricing, revamps season pass price structure


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    Study finds potential problem in more heart valve implants

    Robot helps hospital-bound kids go on ‘virtual’ field trips

    Alkermes' schizophrenia drug Aristada gets FDA nod

    5 must-try autumn apples


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    School cancels 'America Day'

    Why Hillary Clinton's gun control proposal is all wrong

    Our mental health system is shattered, on its knees and a profound national embarrassment

    Military should reverse decision against Green Beret who confronted child rapist

    Election 2016

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    Japanese man accidentally sets fire to his home during live stream

    Microsoft Windows 10 hardware event: What to expect

    This video game takes 'death' to a wild new level

    Microsoft to open giant NY City store this month, just a few blocks from Apple's

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    Listening for alien life: Could new tech detect microbe movements?

    Digging History

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    Nazis turned candy bars into a secret weapon

    Wild Nature

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    Rare ‘sofa shark’ stuns scientists

    Planet Earth

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    SolarCity will make its most sophisticated rooftop solar panel in the US – not China


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    Julia Roberts unrecognizable on set of new movie

    Jana Kramer gets personal on new album 'Thirty One'

    TV producer Marc Johnson questioned after death of mother-of-three in New York City

    ‘Sister Wives’ star admits she had online affair with woman

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    El Faro owners say mechanical failure left cargo ship adrift amid Hurricane Joaquin

    Marine found dead of gunshot wound at Camp Pendleton shooting range

    Flock backs priest accused of pointing gun at Cowboys fan in Giants country

    Pilot dies during American Airlines flight, co-pilot lands plane safely


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    White House

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    Obama says Iran and President Assad represent Russia's entire coalition in Syria


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    Confusion hangs over start of US, Russia military talks on Syria

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