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    Christian bakers fined $135,000 for refusing to make wedding cake for lesbians

    Fox News anchor: I didn't know it was criminal to be a Christian

    Hillary Clinton: How much longer can she hide the truth?

    The real reason America is exceptional

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    Veterans fight to keep Civil War-era hospital open in South Dakota's picturesque Black Hills

    The United States of America: The one essential, exceptional, indispensable nation

    What makes me proud to be an American: The men and women of our uniformed services

    Congressional Gold Medal belonging to president who died in office up for sale

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    IT boss ‘blown away’ that IRS backup tapes in Lerner case erased, watchdog says


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    Kurds intent on carving new state out of Iraq after ISIS fight ‘whether the US likes it or not’

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    AP Exclusive: China's Commerce Ministry website hosted bootlegged copy of 'Liar's Poker'

    Malaysian fund denies reports it provided $700 million to prime minister ahead of 2013 polls

    Death toll from accident to Pakistan army train rises to 17 as divers recover more bodies

    Russian cargo ship lifts off to International Space Station, vital success after 2 failures

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