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    Real Estate

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    5 Zombie-Proof Houses to Escape the Walking Dead

    Mary Hart's Montana Ranch Offers a Tranquil (and Exclusive) Getaway

    50 Cent's Connecticut Mansion Still Won't Sell -- Here's Why

    Packers Linebacker Julius Peppers Is Selling Chicago-Area Home


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    12 facts you should know about ovarian cysts

    5 ways to sneak in more greens (and detox)

    FDA expands lung cancer approval for Bristol-Myers' drug

    Many babies exposed to unnecessary pain in research

    What to Watch


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    'The Walking Dead' hosts huge premiere for fans in New York

    Jim Carrey served as pallbearer at girlfriend's funeral in Ireland

    Oprah remembers childhood Christmas growing up poor

    Jim Carrey not spotted at late girlfriend Cathriona White’s wake

    Food & Drink

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    These are the world's best bars

    New Diet Pepsi leaves fans with a bad taste in their mouths

    The legacy of Creole cooking authority Paul Prudhomme

    Legendary chef Paul Prudhomme dies at 75

    Election 2016

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    Regional News



    Energy In America

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    House votes to lift 40-year-old ban on US crude oil exports

    Republicans fuming after Obama threatens to veto major energy bill

    Illegal wind turbine leaves green energy entrepreneur spinning in jail

    EPA issues new ozone standard, setting up clash with GOP


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    Why Ben Carson is right about Jews, the Holocaust and guns

    Yes, America, we can eat butter

    Lawsuit: Baby Jesus doesn't belong in Christmas play

    An Open Letter to President Obama as he travels to Oregon: We hear your deafening silence

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    Could feds sue over Hollywood’s treatment of women?

    Daniel Craig says he's done with James Bond: 'All I want to do is move on'

    Feds to probe Hollywood’s lack of female directors

    TV producer Marc Johnson questioned after death of mother-of-three in New York City


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    Detroit woman's Halloween decoration prompts repeated police visits

    Witness reportedly says French train hero was protecting woman during stabbing

    Shark bites surfer on Oahu's North Shore

    Florida infant's disappearance leads to desperate search and tearful plea

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