Freaky food tricks for the ultimate Halloween bash

If you're planning a spooky party or just want to give your family a frightfully festive experience, look no further than your kitchen cupboard.  From bloody Jell-O Eyeballs to Witches' Fingers Biscuits, you won't be short on the tricks and treats this year.

1. Super-Realistic, Edible Fake Blood

It's sticky, sweet and incredibly gory. Give friends and family the ultimate creepout with this fake blood recipe from Natalies Outlet. It's surprisingly easy to make so go crazy-- use it as decor, in a scary costume or even film our own mini horror film. Just don't forget to clean up after the 31st!

2. Spooky Black Pasta

Why not make this dinner staple a spooky meal for Halloween?  Start with pasta cooked al dente, and place it inside a plastic ziplock gallon bag, with 2 tablespoons of water and 20 drops of black food coloring. Mix the bag carefully with your hands until the food coloring adheres to the pasta. This recipe will work with any type of pasta.

3. Exploding Jell-O Eyes 

Food blog MyCupcakeAddiction walks us through a haunting no-bake recipe for Jell-O eyeballs. This recipe uses white chocolate round balls filled with strawberry Jell-O for the bloody effect. This recipe looks a bit more complex than the others, so be sure to follow along carefully.

4. Brain Chicken Salad

Don’t forget the protein in this delicious but gory Brain Chicken Salad from food blogger Victoria Paikin. She walks us through the easy to replicate recipe and shows how to serve this meal at your next gathering. She uses cooked chicken, boiled potatoes and carrots, celery, mayonnaise, hard boiled eggs, salt, pepper, ketchup, and horseradish. Once all ingredients are combined, form salad in the shape of a brain, and decorate with halved grapes and ketchup to give your brain texture and added color.

5. Meat Lover's Zombie Arm  

Guests may wonder what they're really eating after tucking into this meaty delight. Is it pork, beef...or something more sinister? Use your favorite tomato sauce to enhance to the super spooky effect.

6. Witches' Finger Biscuits

Mumsnet whips together the perfect cookie recipe and shows how to make realistic Witches’ Finger Biscuits. Don’t forget the green food coloring and the whole almonds to resemble fingernails, to make this recipe extra spooky. These finger biscuits are easy to make and only bake for 20 minutes. Serve them to children or adults for an impressive snack or dessert.

7. Devil's Dentures

Chef John from has created a Halloween treat from hell. Slice some red delicious apples and place your almonds just right to create devil’s dentures. Make your ghoul drool with a drizzle of some honey and have fun with this healthy and nutritious option.

8. Perfectly Petrifying Prosciutto Platter

Looking to really ham up your Halloween appetizer course? This spooky, prosciutto covered skull is too beautiful (or terrifying) to eat. It's really easy to put together-- just use your favorite deli meats to make the muscle, cheese balls for the eyes and any extra goodies your heart desires.