Burger King's Fiery Chicken Fries don't bring the heat

Burger King is capitalizing on the success of its cult favorite, Chicken Fries, with a spicy new version.

America’s growing love affair with hotter foods is heating up as the coveted millennials seek out hotter, bolder and more exotic flavors.

Fiery Chicken Fries, described by the Whopper chain as the spiciest menu item ever, just hit franchise locations across the country.  The chain hopes the new version will do what the original Chicken Fries did -- boost sales.

The deep fried chicken strips, first launched in 2005, were taken off the menu in 2012, but were reintroduced after customers demanded their return. Sales rose 7.9 percent at Burger King locations in the U.S. and Canada during the second quarter this year, which executives credited to Chicken Fries.

Just like the original, these thin strips of chicken are made from all white meat, but this version is marinated in a spicy mix of cayenne pepper, black pepper and other savory spices the King says “will make your mouth cry.”

So are these fiery fries hot enough to make any Sriracha lover cower in fear?

Our tasters thought the spice was flavorful but found it pretty mild.  It had a little bit of a kick, but it was nothing that could be categorized as spicy --and it didn't make our mouths cry.

Apparently, Burger King's spice-loving public thinks so too.

Our verdict?  Stick to the original.

Fiery Chicken Fries—which come in a box of nine pieces for $2.89-- are now available for a limited time at participating Burger King locations.