Burger chain releases ad showing food served in edible wrappers

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Have you ever been so hungry that merely unwrapping your food will take too long?

Well, good news. A Brazilian-based fast-food chain is now serving its burgers with an totally edible wrapper, and has just launched an ad campaign showing how it works.

AdWeek reports that Bob's, a fast-food chain in Brazil, wants to show that people love the burger joint's food so much that they can't even wait to unwrap it before digging in.  In fact, the restaurant's tagline is : Não dá pra controlar,” which translates to something like, "You cannot control."

The wrappers look like ordinary paper.  While the ad doesn't specify what the material is made out of, there is already existing technology for edible packaging. For example, several companies including WikiCell, Sealed Air Corp. and Ecovative Design are currently experimenting with wrappers made from particles of food such as chocolate, dried fruit, nuts and mushroom roots, among others.

The idea of edible wrapping is that it cuts down on waste being sent to landfills.  As far a culinary delight, that remains to be seen. It may take a bit of convincing to get customers to look forward to chowing down on burger wrappers, but these guys don't seem to mind.

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