The holidays are upon us and if you haven’t finished all your shopping just yet, you’re not alone.

According to the National Retail Federation, in 2010 and 2011 the average person still had half of their shopping to complete as of mid-December. But with all the enticing promotions and advertisements being thrown at you from each and every direction, it’s hard to decide just what gift to get your special someone.

If you’re shopping for that ultimate food-lover in your life, look no further. To help you find the perfect present we put together our top picks for foodies this year.

The ActiFry: Who doesn’t like fried food? Its crispy oily crust is downright delectable. But what about an appliance that eliminates nearly half the fat with just as much flavor and taste? ActiFry is the healthy version of a deep fryer that transforms everyday fried and fatty meals into healthier versions. Anyone looking to shed some extra fat but still wants t0 enjoy their favorite deep-fried treats will love this gift. The low-fat fryer uses just a tablespoon of oil for a fresh serving of French fries. Eating-up 10 ActiFry buffalo wings will only set you back 250 calories/18 grams of fat, compared to 10 KFC wings with about 700 calories/ 40 grams of fat. $250- Available at Bed, Bath and Beyond or tfalactifry.com.

Eataly’s Antipasti platter: Quality authentic Italian delicacies are hard to come by, but thanks to New York’s popular Italian market Eataly, you can find and purchase them online. Any true Italian food-lover will enjoy one of Eataly’s newly-introduced gift baskets that are filled with everything from a bruschetta tomato herb spread to a mushrooms and truffle sauce. “Eatly is renowned for its Italian indulgences and this platter brings it home. Whether they’re having friends over, or are having a quiet night in with the family, any Italian foodie will savor every last bite,” Dana Holmes, editor-in-chief of Gifts.com told FoxNews.com. $69.80 Available at http://www.eataly.com/.

Wines that Rock: If you’re looking for a gift for your best wino and don’t want to pick up the typical set of wine glasses or coasters, consider the gift of a rocking bottle of wine.

Wines That Rock combine some of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time with great tasting wines. Winemaker Mark Beaman crafted custom wines inspired by legendary artists like The Police, The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones. Not only do the wines capture the essence of each album in its taste (Mark said it made sense to make Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon album into a Cabernet Sauvignon because it “needed to be a wine that was haunting”), but the unique wine labels also add a special flare to this gift. Each bottle sports classic album art on its front label. A Rolling Stones fan? Pick up the Rolling Stones’s Forty Licks Merlot that showcases their iconic lips and tongue logo.

“Wines That Rock was a pleasant surprise to try. Not only do they make a unique gift for music fans – who’s not going to love a Pink Floyd wine label, after all – but they’re a collection that even the most serious of oenophiles will love. The red blends went down smoothly, and even seemed to fit the songs,” Marcy Franklin, Drink Editor at TheDailyMeal.com told FoxNews.com. $14.99/bottle Available at Wine.com, WinesThatRock.com, Amazon.com and your local wine & liquor store.

Verseur: If you’re buying for the more practical wine drinker, try wrapping up a Verseur. A multi-tasking gadget that combines a corkscrew, foil cutter, pour spout and bottle stopper, it’s the ultimate Swiss army knife for wine drinkers. The full service wine tool is made of stainless steel, with a black rubber pourer and cap to save all your favorite wines. $24.99 Available at Quirky.com & Target.

Corkcicle: A great addition to any wine-lover’s closet must be the Corkcicle. This simple yet genius invention will always keep your wine at the perfect and preferred temperature. Once you freeze the ice cube-like device, it slides right into any full size bottle of wine, chilling your vino without watering it down. A corkcicle will make a wonderful gift for a party host or anyone who likes to sip and linger over a nice bottle of wine.

“This is a fantastic product and is much more inventive than putting your wine in a wine chiller. I’d love one of these for myself at home!” Louis Fugazy, owner of The Madelyn in NYC told FoxNews.com. $24.95 Available at www.fab.com

The Talking Measuring Cup: When it comes to precise measurements of dry and wet ingredients, even professional chefs could use a little help in the kitchen. The talking measuring cup verbally announces the volume of your ingredients, doing away with the old household method of ‘eyeballing’ the amounts. It holds up to three-cups of ingredients and is made of unbreakable frosted plastic that is microwave and dishwasher safe.

“I love the talking measuring cup because very few people know there is a difference between dry and wet measuring cups, which often affects the outcome of a recipe,” Anne Dolce, cook editor at TheDailyMeal.com said. “This cup does away with the problem of using a wet measuring cup for dry ingredients and vice versa because not only does it tell you exactly how much has been measured, but it lets you choose the density of what you’re measuring as well,” Dolce told FoxNews.com. $59.95 Available at www.Hammacher.com.

Cool Culinaria Prints: Anyone who loves original art and images from the good old days of the 40’s and 50’s will enjoy a Cool Culinaria print for their home. Some of the most famous landmark restaurant and diner menus were reimaged into charming posters and prints. These rare reprints will be a creative and thoughtful gift for your loved ones, you can pick a hot-spot from one of their favorite cities like the best-selling print of The J.H Ireland in Chicago or even a vintage cocktail menu for their bar area. $28.00- $45.00 (prices vary per print) Available at CoolCulinaria.com.