Artist uses cornflakes to make portraits of popular musicians

Fan art comes in many forms, but one New York artist has created tasty renditions of music’s most iconic faces.

Sarah Rosado, a graphic designer and artist, uses cereal—cornflakes to be exact—to recreate images of artists like John Lennon, Bob Marley, Elvis and Rihanna. Even though she began sketching when she was a little girl, the food art is a relatively recent hobby- she’s only been doing these portraits for about a month.

“I chose cornflakes over other cereals for two reasons, one- it’s my favorite,” Rosado told via email. “And two, it is easier to manage when creating images requiring finer lines.”

In the past, Rosado has created artwork from a variety of mediums including dirt and vegetables. The idea of making “something fun” from her first meal of the day had a few challenges- including how to delineate specific features of each artist chosen.

Rosado says her process starts with sketching the face of a chosen artist, then carefully crushing the cereal before placing it over drawings to get everything just right. Each image can take up to five hours to make.

Other portraits from the Celebrity Cornflake Art project include Slash, Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse. But Rosado’s favorite is an artist still cranking out hits.

“My favorite art work is the one I did of Alicia Keys.  I think I nailed that one,” she says.