20 Supermarket Survival Tips to Save You Money

You walk in planning on spending a little bit of money for a few items, and walk out with a full carriage and a foot-long receipt. So what happened in that grocery store?

Why did a quick visit for milk and eggs result in so many impulse buys? And why do you have five different options for tonight's dinner?

Believe it or not, everything the supermarket does is part of their strategy to get you to spend more, from carriage size to music choice. They've thought of it all, so don’t be so hard on yourself the next time your shopping cart is overflowing and your trunk is jam-packed. You’re not alone.

The infographic below from CashNetUSA lists all the sneaky tactics the supermarkets use to get you to fill your cart, but don’t worry — CashNetUSA also shares several tips to help you avoid succumbing to their tactics.

Take a look and avoid being blindsided on your next supermarket visit: