Say hello to summer with some of our all-time favorite grilling recipes. Grab your cool barbecue tools to show off to friends and family, first.

You can heat things up with smokey barbecued wings then cool off with a refreshing watermelon salad. 

So break out the charcoal and firestarters, grab an ice cold beer-- or whip a refreshing summer cocktail--and enjoy the summer weather.

1. The All-American Cheeseburger


(Courtesy Lea Berman)

This burger blends several cuts of beef: sirloin, chuck and brisket, to get the right ratio of fat to protein for the hamburger patty.  It’s worth the extra effort.

The All-American Cheeseburger Recipe

2. Grilled Whole Fish With Lemon and Tarragon



Fish cooks faster than meat and is in many ways more forgiving and demands less precision. Whole fish on the bone stays juicier than filets.

Grilled Whole Fish with Lemon and Tarragon Recipe

3. Barbecue Baked Beans

Homemade Barbecue Baked Beans

Homemade Barbecue Baked Beans with pork in a bowl (iStock)

A barbecue isn't complete without a hefty portion of baked beans. This recipe comes from two-time World Barbecue Champion, Melissa Cookston. 

Barbecue Baked Beans Recipe

4. Grilled Cayenne Peaches


(Memphis BBQ Co.)

The grill isn't only reserved for meat. In fact, many kinds of fruit taste incredible when put over an open flame. Peaches are especially delicious, because the juices caramelize, leaving you with a sweet dessert unlike anything else you've tried. 

Grilled Cayenne Peaches Recipe

5. Grilled Split Maine Lobster


(Stephen Richards)

Grilling lobster caramelizes the natural sugars released during cooking. This method brings out the lobster’s flavor instead of washing it away like steaming or boiling does. The additional flavors in this recipe, vanilla and Grand Marnier, are a perfect complement to grilled lobster.

Grilled Split Maine Lobster Recipe

6. Grilled Salmon with Avocado Crème & Mango Salsa


(Jill Churco)

With summer grilling season upon us, there’s no reason to limit yourself to burgers, dogs and ribs. This light and delicious salmon is a welcome change to the heavier grill fare and is so versatile you can easily change out the salmon for halibut, mahi mahi , chicken or even tofu.

Grilled Salmon with Avocado Crème & Mango Salsa Recipe

7. Grilled Hickory Burger


(Kris Schoels)

This burger is so juicy and delicious, and is coated in all of the right ingredients- with a mix of cheese, bacon, and barbeque sauce.  

Old Hickory Burger Recipe

8. Bacon-Wrapped Sonoran Hot Dogs


(Everyday Southwest)

The Sonoran Hot Dog is a long-time Tucson favorite that has locals waiting in line under the hot desert sun to get their hands on one.  What they don’t tell you is this fast and easy recipe will get you away from the smoky grill in time to join the fun.

Bacon-Wrapped Sonoran Hot Dogs Recipe

9. Grilled Skirt Steak with Horseradish Sauce


(Alejandra Schrader)

Beer is a great and healthy meat tenderizer and this recipe calls for a full marinade infusion with garlic, herbs, and spices.  Different types of beers will yield a new flavor result.

Grilled Skirt Steak with Horseradish Sauce Recipe

10. Salmon Burgers with Cabbage Slaw and Tomato Corn Salsa


(Courtesy of Yellow Bliss Road Blog)

For a lighter fare this season, try a salmon burger with just as much flavor. You can dress it the same way you would a normal burger, or you can make the slaw to top it off. 

Salmon Burgers with Cabbage Slaw and Tomato Corn Salsa Recipe

11. Grilled Middle Eastern Turkey Burgers with Yogurt Sauce



While it's true that ground turkey can sometimes be a little ho-hum, these turkey burgers with finely chopped mint and parsley and seasoned with an interesting mix of paprika, cumin, coriander, and pepper flakes were moist and flavorful.

Grilled Middle Eastern Turkey Burgers with Yogurt Sauce Recipe

12. Spanish Grilled Shrimp over Asparagus


(Elizabeth Carrion)

This nutrient-loaded recipe is perfect for a Spring afternoon beside the grill. Alone or paired with rice, this dish is a delicious main course for your outdoor or indoor party. 

Spanish Grilled Shrimp over Asparagus Recipe