'Wheel of Fortune' contestant uses bizarre guessing strategy, wins

S, T, R, L, M, N.

Everyone knows that those are some of the first letters you should guess when playing "Wheel of Fortune." One contestant, Nura Fountana, on Tuesday’s show took a different approach. She guessed “Z.”

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Nura’s guess was so baffling that it prompted this conversation with Pat Sajak:

Nura: “Z.”
Pat: “Can you say that again for me?”
Nura: “Z.”
Pat: “Did you say Z?”
Nura: “As in Zulu.”
Pat: “You did say Z! OK.”

Another turn, she guessed “X” and, once, she didn’t guess anything at all. We have seen some amazing winners on Wheel of Fortune over the years -- like the man who solved a 17-letter puzzle with just one letter -- but Nura might be the most amazing winner of all.

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Pat was so confused by Nura’s $13,970 winnings at the end of the regular rounds that he asked, “May I ask you a question?” She agreed, and he said, “Now, you called some unusual letters in that round.”

"That's what I saw," she replied.

Some have speculated that Nura was already in the lead before this puzzle, so by guessing random letters, she was actually minimizing how much she helped other contestants while they did the majority of the work to solve the puzzle. But UPROXX points out that there were 13 consonants worth $1,600 each, so by not guessing, Nura gave those opponents a chance to beat her.

Whatever, Nura. Keep doing you!

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