Wayne Brady: How to make someone laugh without getting dirty

Wayne Brady is a man of many talents – comedy, singing, hosting and now helping to clean up potty humor. The “Let’s Make a Deal” host told FOX411 his thoughts on political correctness in comedy and why he supports even the most racist, sexist, stupid comments but there’s a catch.

FOX411: What’s the Charmin initiative?

Brady: Charmin is doing this good, clean humor #pottyhumor where there’s a contest where these kids from 14-18 right out of New York City compete against each other in improve duos doing clean comedy. When Charmin approached me at first I didn’t understand then when they explained the whole initiative it made complete sense to me and why they would reach out to me. The thing is on daytime I do clean humor or push it as much as I can because it’s daytime then at night I do my other stuff; my sitcoms, my touring shows and whatnot. I mean we’re all adults so you can do your thing but the thing that I tell people is even when you’re learning improve or learning sketch someone thinks I’m going to make the most crass joke that I can because that will be funny or I’ll drop an “F” bomb that’s easy to but it’s not always funny. You can make someone laugh without getting dirty then if you want to do it dirty later on fine but this is the test, and so to be able to have these kids compete against each other using their brains to actually come up with something funny that isn’t dirty and then they get a $5,000 scholarship on top of that is absolutely awesome.

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FOX411: Speaking of potty humor, many comedians like Amy Poehler and Amy Schumer have been coming under fire for politically incorrect statements. As a comedian do you have to mindful of what you say or do people need to learn to take a joke?

Brady: That’s a real blurry line because you know what comedy is subjective so you can’t really fight and go you need to learn to take a joke because by definition of comedy being subjective no I don’t have to learn to take a joke because if I don’t think what you said is funny then I don’t have to accept it. Likewise if I say something you don’t have to think that’s funny no matter if everyone in the room goes, “But it was just a joke.” No, screw you. My sense of humor is my sense of humor and yours is yours and there is a line of taste and decency so it’s not about you can’t stop me from pushing the lines and I’m going to say something you need to learn to take a joke. No. We all have to learn to live together so at a certain point it’s up to you as an adult to have a certain modicum of class, whatever that line is for you personally and you deal with the fall out if you’ve passed that line.

FOX411: Speaking of the fallout, in your eyes do people have the right to go on social media and demand apologies from comedians?

Brady: That’s just not comedy, that’s life. It’s the era that we live in now. Life used to be a lot simpler and may be if you said something stupid X amount of people heard it as opposed to as soon as that bomb drops the information is disseminated immediately but that’s just something for you to be mindful of and it’s something for you as the actor, or the comedian or the public figure or anybody that has anything to do with social media just know that the Internet is forever now say what you’re going to say I completely back you even if it’s the most racist, sexist, misogynistic, stupid thing that you want to say that’s your right. Be my guest but just know that there’s going to be somebody in some way that will be not happy with what you said and be ready for that.

Brady: You have been outspoken about anxiety that was brought on by being bullied as a kid. School is almost back in session.

FOX411: What advice do you give to kids that are being bullied?

Brady: As someone who was bullied as someone who was bullied in school and learned to fight back sadly physically but also mentally but nothing is more powerful in this day and age especially on social media than that block button. Instead of just sitting there and taking it block the person that’s bullying you, report that person. You can’t take it to heart just know that, and this will sound so trite, but a bully is in some way, shape or form is threatened by you and is trying to take you out by whatever means necessary. Don’t give them any power.