Victoria's Secret model Taylor Hill: 'I don't diet'

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Many would assume a Victoria’s Secret model has to sacrifice savoring beloved comfort foods just to be in shape.

But Taylor Hill prefers to enjoy whatever she wants.

“For me, I don’t really think of it as dieting,” the 21-year-old told Us Weekly. “I don’t want to say I don’t believe in it, but at this current stage in my life, I don’t diet. I feel like I’m young and I have a lot of good food to eat and living to do. You want to have fun and not restrict yourself!”

So how does Hill maintain her bikini-ready body all year?

“Everything in moderation,” she explained. “I want to enjoy little pieces and eat what I love to eat. I love Japanese food and Chinese food and, oh my gosh, I would die if someone told me I couldn’t eat it… and pizza. I mean every once in a while. I have a healthy lifestyle, I workout, I eat well when I feel I should, but then I also love pizza and ice cream like every other 21-year-old in the world.”

Hill isn’t the only Victoria’s Secret model who has made a similar claim.

Sara Sampaio told Fox News in 2015 she indulges in her favorite greasy foods every once in a while. The 25-year-old Portuguese supermodel admitted to loving bread and pasta, as well as one Italian delicacy in particular.

“Pizza… I’d eat it every day if I could,” she lamented under her breath.