Ugly Michael Fassbender abuse allegations from ex-girlfriend resurface following 'Kung Fury' announcement

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Michael Fassbender has been cast to star in David Sandberg’s action-comedy “Kung Fury,” but the announcement is being overshadowed by allegations from the actor's past.

The Daily Beast resurfaced a years-old report on Monday that said Fassbender, 40, allegedly broke his ex-girlfriend Sunawin Andrews’ nose in 2009 after a night of heavy drinking. In 2010, TMZ reported Andrews had filed a petition for a restraining order against Fassbender in L.A. County Superior Court.

Reps for the “X-Men” star did not immediately respond to Fox News’ phone calls and emails seeking comment about the reports.

According to TMZ, the aspiring actress and model claimed Fassbender was drinking heavily during a 2009 film festival. After he allegedly woke in a puddle of his own urine, she claimed Fassbender became violent and “threw me over a chair breaking my nose.”

Fassbender's girlfriend alleged at the time that she feared for her life and wanted to keep him away from hers and her two children.

Fassbender's girlfriend alleged at the time that she feared for her life and wanted to keep him away from hers and her two children. (2016 Kevork Djansezian/NBC)

Andrews also claimed Fassbender dragged her alongside their car on a separate night after an argument over one of her ex-boyfriends, which she said left her with a twisted left ankle, an injured knee cap and a ruptured ovarian cyst.

Andrews alleged at the time that she feared for her life and wanted to keep Fassbender away from herself and her two children. She sought nearly $24,000 to pay her medical bills and requested Fassbender enroll in a 52-week intervention program.

The Daily Beast, which obtained Andrews’ petition filed in court, attempted to reach out to her for comment but she declined.

In response, she said, “You’ve got the paperwork. What more is there to say?”

A former friend told the news site she didn’t witness the alleged car-dragging incident.

“I was with her that night,” said the friend. “I know they had a fight, but I didn’t witness anything he did to her. When we got to the house, they were not fighting anymore.”

Andrews has claimed she dealt with domestic violence before. Back in 2006, Seattle Weekly News reported Andrews obtained a one-year restraining order against her then-boyfriend, Seth Warshavsky, nicknamed “the Bill Gates of porn.”

She claimed “[Warshavsky] choked her during a limousine ride in Las Vegas last fall and has physically attacked her in front of her 6-year-old child." In court documents, Andrews accused Warshavsky of “stalking her home” and threatening to kill himself and “to have my baby’s father killed.”

In response, Warshavsky told the publication Andrews’ civil action was “just a frivolous restraining order in an attempt to extort money, and is in the process of being dropped.”

Following the inital allegations against him, Fassbender moved on personally, all while continuing to act in Hollywood. E! News reported he married actress Alicia Vikander in late 2017. The couple reportedly fell in love on the set of “The Light Between Oceans” in 2014.

For the March 2018 issue of Vogue, Vikander told the magazine she was enjoying married life.

“I feel I’m more happy and content than I’ve ever been,” she said.

The 29-year-old added she would happily work with her husband in another film.

“I think he’s one of the absolute best actors I’ve worked with,” she explained. “Of course he’d done more films than me, but immediately when we started to work together he was so open to wanting me to chip in new ideas and thoughts. He would be like, ‘I’m stuck; what should I do?’ and I would say, ‘You’re asking me?’ That was such a sweet thing… Life is about a lot more than work, but if it’s also your biggest passion, of course it’s something you enjoy talking about.”