NFL star Tony Romo, along with other high-profile celebrities such as Carmen Electra, Reggie Bush and Ja Rule, recently joined forces with Cameo Stars to film a series of virtual greetings that consumers can collect or send to their social network or mobile device.

But even more important than simply saying “Happy Birthday” to his fans, Romo chose to specially dedicate a message to our troops serving overseas and is encouraging Americans to send a virtual “cameo appearance” to someone they love who is serving our country.

And for the star quarterback, the cause hit close to home.

“Personally, I can’t thank the men and women who serve our country enough for everything that they do,” Romo told Pop Tarts from the Los Angeles film set. “ My dad was in the service and I was raised to respect and revere everything that those in the military do for all of us and the freedoms that they provide. I want to make sure that different people know that we’re supporting them and want to help them out.”

And while the Dallas Cowboy confirmed that his recent attempt at becoming a professional golfer isn’t indicative of a new career path, he did seem pretty comfortable in front of the lights and camera.

“I’m a phenomenal actor… I think for me it’s just doing what you feel.  It’s not as difficult as some might think,” he joked. “No, I’m actually a terrible actor.”

And that’s good news for his many fans, who would likely prefer that Romo stick to his NFL contract. And given that the Super Bowl is being held in his hometown next year, he is certainly feeling the pinch.

“There’s pressure [on my team to win] – it would be great if we were lucky enough to prove to be in that position where we could make it to the end,” he added. “But I feel good. I think we had a great offseason.  The guys worked hard, good nucleus of players coming back.  It’s about continuing to get better every day.  I think the guys have taken that approach and it’s been good.”