Tomi Lahren, 'I Am Jazz' star discuss transgender rights

Jazz Jennings and conservative pundit Tomi Lahren come face-to-face to discuss transgender rights on the season finale of "I Am Jazz."

The 16-year-old transgender reality star aimed to change Lahren's opinions on transgender rights in a Fox News exclusive sneak peak of the hit TLC show.

"If I had to use the men's restroom imagine the harm that does to me," Jennings posed to Lahren.

She told Lahren of having to use the nurse's bathroom when she was in second grade.

"Even at that young age, I wondered why I was being treated differently," Jennings shared. "And in second grade I actually snuck into the girls bathroom and I got in trouble."


Lahren asked Jennings, "Were people calling you a pervert?"

The 16-year-old responded, "No, not at all. I was just doing my..." before Lahren cut her off and asked, "You weren't but when they saw you going into the women's restroom is that the feelings that they got?"

Jennings answered, "I was a second grader who looked very innocent with pigtails. I do not think I was a pervert at all."

"You think that's why they couldn't understand? You think that they felt like it was a safety issue? I'm just trying to understand," Lahren countered.

See how Jennings reacted in the video above.

Watch Lahren and Jennings' full discussion on the "I Am Jazz" season finale Wednesday night on TLC.