Todd Chrisley slams Nancy Grace, calls her a 'cow'

Todd Chrisley did not hold back when asked his feelings on Nancy Grace.

The reality star called the former television host a "cow" a "monster" when Wendy Williams asked him about the feud between the stars.

"Todd, what is going on with you and Nancy Grace," Williams asked Chrisley on her show Wednesday.

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"Oh, what a cow!" Chrisley fired back. A shocked Williams warned Chrisley, "Okay Todd, I love Nancy Grace."

"Well honey listen, and I don't blame you. You're free to like who you like, and I'm free to dislike who you like," the "Chrisley Knows Best" star responded.

Williams was referring to a feud between Grace and Chrisley that started in May when Grace insinuated the millionaire and his family were on welfare.

"I think that what goes on with me and Nancy is what goes on with every person that's in television," the real estate mogul said. "Nancy made a career off of talking junk off about every person that is relevant. You don't have to tell the truth...she pulls [stories] out of her ass!"

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He added, "I'm not fighting because I don't breathe air into that monster...with that being said I think we've given Nancy more airtime than she's had in the past 4 seasons."