After six seasons of Grey's Anatomy (Thursdays, 9/8c on ABC), Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) finally seems happy. From exchanging Post-it vows with Derek (Patrick Dempsey) to romping in McDreamy's office, Mer has been significantly less dark and twisty than the Dr. Grey we met on her first day at Seattle Grace.

And her happiness isn't going to be torn away just to stir up some conflict, executive producer Shonda Rhimes says.

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"I am not trying to shake up whether or not Meredith is happy," Rhimes says. That's not to say Mer won't go through some drama in the finale, which Rhimes describes as "very different" from the five previous season-enders. The first hour alone will apparently leave your jaw on the floor.

"What's really beautiful to me about the finale is that Meredith Grey is a grown-up," continues Rhimes. "It was a journey that I wasn't even sure she was going to be able to make successfully. As a character, she's really grown into being a very changed woman, which I think is fantastic."

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As for whether a McBaby is in the future, Rhimes coyly replies: "I don't know. Anything is possible."

Do you want to see Mer and Der have McBabies?

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