Fans are used to seeing celebrities all dolled up on the red carpet, but it’s rare to see a star without all of the Hollywood glam, and in her own home no less.

MeInMyPlace.com is a popular photo series featuring some of today’s hottest celebs posing in the comfort of their own homes, without make up -- or most of their clothing.

The creator of Me In My Place, photographer Michael Edwards, spoke to FOX 411 about what some of Hollywood’s biggest stars are like up-close, in their natural habitats.

Edwards' latest shoot featured Tiffani Thiessen, best known for her role as Kelly on the show “Saved By the Bell.” She shed her clothes and got real for her fun and flirty pictorial.

“[Thiessen is] great. She was turning 39. She’s had a kid. You know, she was the sex symbol of her generation, and it was such a great shoot to have someone slightly different on the site; still really beautiful, energetic and I think that’s where people latched on,” said Edwards.

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Edwards said it’s celebs like Thiessen that have made Me In My Place so popular, with 5 million page views per month and counting.

“Some of the more notable people of late… Chrissy Tiegan who’s great. Lake Bell who’s just sort of a nut but she’s fantastic. Elizabeth Moss, you know, everyone loves ‘Mad Men,’ right? And who else have I shot? Joanna Krupa… Nina Dobrev, you know, to get the vampire vibe going. All sorts of people,” Edwards explained.

The photographer speculated that it’s the realness of the women he shoots that has made his photo series such a hit.

“Once you strip away the hair and make up the publicist and you’re one-on-one,” he said. “I think any woman is going to be a little self-conscious when she’s parading around in her underwear. I think getting over the hurdle is really what’s exciting about the project.

“So basically there’s this little gimmick; get them in their underwear and people will look," he said. "But really, these are portraits of confident, beautiful women at home comfortable, and I think that’s what is really attractive about the imagery.”

For more pics of celebs posing at home go to MeInMyPlace.com.