The X Factor: Astro Fumes, Stacy Francis Booted Out

To sing or not to sing? That was Astro’s question.

The X Factor was filled with hissy fits, tantrums and a whole lot of huffing and puffing Thursday night, as Brian “Astro” Bradley saw himself in the bottom two for the first time.

Bradley, 14, went as far as to boycott his swan performance, his last chance to convince America and the judges to keep him around instead of 42-year-old Stacy Francis.

The Brooklyn native almost blew it.

“Do ya’ll think I should perform,” a pissed off Bradley asked the crowd, which went into a frenzy. He then asked his mentor, music executive L.A. Reid, to help him with his plight.

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The singer/songwriter managed to nail a mediocre rap rendition of the Jackson 5’s “Never Say Goodbye” (clearly Astro didn’t want to).

“You are too talented and you’ve come too far and give a lack luster performance,” Reid said, slightly irritated. “After all the great performances you’ve given.”

“Astro, you came out and you acted a little bit like a quitter,” he added. “It upset me.”

The truth always hurts and Bradley, upon hearing his mentor’s words, appeared severely bruised by the constructive criticism.

After giving Bradley a public lesson on attitude 101, Reid announced that he was going to “stick by his guy” and sent Francis home.

Singing diva Nicole Scherzinger stood in solidarity with Francis whom she has “so much admiration for… as an artist and as a woman.”

“Week after week you open yourself up,” said Scherzinger. “You give us everything you’ve got.”

Despite of her decision, she did tell Bradley “Astro, I know you are meant for the stars.”

Choreography expert Paula Abdul agreed with Scherzinger about Bradley. Still, she let the teen have it.

“It’s not how you start, but how you finish,” Abdul said. “Be grateful you are on this stage.” With that said, she eliminated Francis from the competition.

The pivotal moment with Bradley’s immature behavior (and lack thereof of emotional control) came when Simon Cowell bluntly told him “I don’t like your attitude.”

“Do me a favor, stop folding your arms and look at me and think about your mom watching this show,” Cowell said with much disappointment.

“You are showing disrespect to the audience at home.”

Outraged and fueled with angst Bradley then cut Cowell off and curtly told him he was wrong.

“No sir,” Bradley said with his voice cracking. “No disrespect to you or this show, but I feel like if you are going to put me in the bottom two [then] I don’t want to perform for people who don’t want me here.”

If the audience would have had tomatoes in hand, Bradley would have been an easy target.

Upon listening to the boos echo through the immense theater Bradley could no longer keep his composure and the tears streamed down his face.

“A part of doing this is being a grown up,” Cowell continued. “You know what the rules are.”

“Astro, if you are in this position again are you going to take the same attitude?” Cowell asked. “You’re not going to come out and sing?”

Bradley’s response?

“I apologize.”

And then with what seemed to be much regret in his eyes Cowell sent Francis packing.

“I really don’t want to do this,” Cowell said.

“Based on who I believe has got the best chance of winning… I’m going to send home Stacy."

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