'The Remaining' hopes to popularize a 'faith-based horror' genre

There are faith films and there are horror films, but how often do you see the two worlds collide?

Not enough, says filmmaker Casey La Scala, who has combined the genres in his upcoming Sony Affirms supernatural thriller “The Remaining.”

“I remember the story of the rapture and tribulation when I was a young kid going to church camp, and I put these two worlds together and constructed this story around the biblical end of times,” the writer/director told FOX411. “I looked back at ‘Passion of the Christ’ which is a horror movie that was really embraced by the audience. I thought, this could be a new genre.”

Slated to hit theaters September 5, “The Remaining” – starring Alexa Vega, Johnny Pacar, and Shaun Sipos –  is centered on a group of friends who come together to celebrate a friend’s wedding when the biblical rapture descends, turning the celebration into a struggle to survive.

La Scala hopes the film appeals to both Christian and non-Christians alike.

“When you are trying to do something that you want the faith-based community to embrace, you have to facilitate authenticity and there are certain things that you have to hit. But I wanted to make sure it could also be successful and cross over into the mainstream,” he added. “I tried to balance the two. The themes are universal – I wanted to create conversation about where you are in life and loving the one you are with, being in the moment and having faith in something.”

“The Remaining” is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of terror, violence and destruction.

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