The Mrs: How two moms formed an all-female pop/rock group

These moms rock...literally.

Andra Liemandt and Jenny Mason were fed up of the music they heard playing on the radio and wanted to come up with their own tunes to inspire women like them. They enlisted the help of Larissa Ness and Mandy Prater and formed The Mrs.

"We didn't want to write any of that teenage, teeny-bopper stuff," Ness told us when the band stopped by Fox News' studio.

The Mrs got candid about their message:

Fox News: Where did the idea for The Mrs come about?
Andra Liemandt: We started about three years ago... And Jenny Mason and I being best friends... we wanted to do something a little different [and] put some music out there that would speak to women like us that live pretty full lives. We have kids, have careers... so we wanted to put some cool music out there that might do that.

Fox News: What do your kids think of their moms being in a pop-rock band?
Jenny Mason: They're always in the front row. We actually run our music by them all the time to get their opinions. I believe music is a universal language, it's an art, so I love to hear their ideas. I love to see them dancing, I love to see how they interact with us through our music so I would say they're our number one fans.

Fox News: Pick one song for people to listen to off of your EP.
Mason: I think 'Blink of an Eye.' That song is about being in the moment and knowing that life does go by fast... I really connect with it right now in my life as I watch my three precious children grow up.

Fox News: You have a pretty modest look. Is that a conscious choice?
Larissa Ness: Yeah, we are sending a different message. We're not wearing like, little tiny short shorts, to make things happen.
Mason: I think we believe the four of us are pretty powerful together. It's through our music we want to touch people and not anything besides that.
Liemandt: It's important to me, having two daughters, before I go on stage... I think about how I represent my daughters and how they see me and how I want them to behave one day.

Fox News: You have seen a lot of recent success. Did you expect The Mrs would take off when you started it?
Mason: We definitely had a goal and we knew what we wanted to write about and it wasn't just a hobby. When we started playing instruments later in life, it's because we loved it... we want to write about something that matters [and] we want to tell our story through music and the success is just a bonus.