'The Big Bang Theory' recap: Sheldon’s secret is out!

[Spoiler alert! The following contains spoilers from "The Big Bang Theory"]

Tonight’s “Big Bang” not only had Sheldon asking himself “What Would Spock do?” but also set the the plans in motion for many of the characters to boldly go where none of them had gone before.

Wil Wheaton and Adam Nimoy, son of Leonard Nimoy famous for playing Spock, showed up to Sheldon’s apartment to interview him for a documentary he’s making about his father and the famous role he’s best known for. Sheldon is honored to talk about his hero on camera, though Penny advises him to keep his shirt on, no matter what the director says.

“I admire your father’s work very much,” Sheldon tells Adam. “It’s not every day I get to meet someone whose life began in my hero’s scrotum.”

As the on-camera interview begins Sheldon explains that he often felt ostracized growing up but looked to Spock to guide him. Spock never relied on feelings, only logic, something Sheldon says he does to this day. While going through memorabilia he keeps in two of the secret safes he keeps in the apartment, he shows off a napkin Leonard Nimoy once used to wipe his mouth and later signed. Also included is a Wil Wheaton action figure, Sheldon’s actual will and testament, his passport and oh yeah, the engagement ring he planned to give to Amy before she broke up with him.

“What?” Penny screams, echoing the sounds of many viewers during last season’s finale.

Penny begs for more details, but Sheldon won’t budge, he insists he is totally fine and not upset about the break up at all. Sheldon continues his interview, going on about Spock’s lack of feelings, but Penny breaks in and reminds him of the true purpose of the character. Spock was half human, he has feelings, just like Sheldon and everyone else.

After this revelation, Sheldon knows what he has to do. He finally stops denying his feelings, grabs the ring and heads out to propose to Amy. When he arrives he catches Amy in front of her apartment, kissing another man. Sheldon walks away broken hearted, but don’t expect her to remain in the dark about the ring for long. Adam Nimoy caught Sheldon’s ring confession on tape.

Elsewhere, Bernadette is getting fed up. She wants to start redecorating the house so that it feels a little more like her and Howard’s place and a little less like Howard’s mother’s. Whenever she broaches the topic Howard gives him the same spiel about his father leaving and his mother dying, but Bernadette is having none of it. She has her father come over and they begin plans to redo the dining room.

Howard finds himself in the crawl space under the house with his father-in-law as they try to figure out which walls are load bearing. It leads to Bernadette's dad questioning why he doesn’t want children. Howard said that it wasn’t his decision, prompting Bernadette (who can hear them upstairs) to begin stomping on the ground screaming “earthquake!”

The men sit down with Bernadette who confesses she was afraid to have children because Howard already does so little around the house, she doesn’t want to raise the kids by herself. Howard recalls his childhood and tells her he long ago promised himself he’d be a better dad than his own father and just like that, the duo begin to consider adding an addition to the Wolowitz clan.