'The Big Bang Theory' recap: Amy, Meemaw fight over moon pie

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The two most important women in Sheldon Cooper’s life were throwin’ shade at each other on Thursday night’s “Big Bang Theory.”

You see, Sheldon Cooper loves his Meemaw — but she’s not terribly fond of the other lady in her beloved Moon Pie’s life.

So when the harmless looking white haired granny (June Squibb) rolled into town to size up Amy, it didn’t take long for the gloves to come off.

“Sheldon’s mother may be ok with you but I am not that easy,” she taunts.

It seems that Meemaw is still rather angry that Amy broke her grandson’s heart last year and she’s not about to forgive and forget.

Making matters worse?  Amy never asked where the nickname Moon Pie came from — but Penny and Leonard are in the loop (“He’s so nummy nummy”).

“I get that you are protective of your grandson but he is an adult now,” Amy jabs. “Maybe I understand what he needs better than you do.”

“I appreciate your honest, dear,” Meemaw fires back. “And here is some more honesty. I don’t like you very much!”

And then things get really interesting…

When Amy threatens to leave, Meemaw lets it slip that Sheldon has been holding on to an engagement ring that was passed down through their family.

“I realize you guys have known each other for less than a day,” Sheldon wonders. “But is it possible this crankiness is because your cycles have synced?

The back and forth bickering eventually forces Sheldon to pick a side, and wisely he chooses Amy’s. Impressed with his loyalty, Meemaw softens and offers her approval should he decide to pop the question.

Amy’s excited tap on the shoulder prompts the episode’s best line: ““I just gave you my virginity, woman. Cool your jets!”

Meanwhile…. Howard and Raj are having a strange conversation about “Frozen” at the comic book store when the meet an aspiring screenwriter who is looking for some help with her script.

They make a plan to meet for coffee, but when Raj phones Claire (Alessandra Torresani), he learns that they may have had a certain “chemistry” when they first met.

What could possibly go wrong from here?