Ted Cruz accused of singing for heavy metal band Stryper

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Is Ted Cruz the lead singer of the Christian heavy metal band Stryper?

Stryper fan Michael Boulerice first made the shocking accusation on Facebook.

“I’m not saying Ted Cruz might be the lead singer of Stryper. I’m saying he’s DEFINITELY the lead singer of Stryper,” he wrote.

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    And while the photographic proof looks incontrovertible, Stryper’s alleged lead singer “Michael Sweet” is denying the claim.

    Or is he?

    “So I guess my doppelgänger is @tedcruz?” the alleged Sweet wrote on Twitter. “Guess I better cancel the @Stryper tour so I can focus on my campaign;-)”

    The Daily Dot did some digging and found at least one instance where Cruz and “Sweet” seem to have been in different locations at the same time.

    “On Aug 9, 2014, Stryper were in Spain for the Legends of Rock festival [while] Cruz was looking at a cow made of butter,” the website noted.

    So far, nothing from the Cruz camp.