Tara Reid to tabloids: Stop 'bullying me' about my weight

Tara Reid is fighting back against reports that she's not looking very healthy in her most recent beach bikini shots.

The "Sharknado" actress tweeted early Wednesday that she was being bullied by tabloids making fun of her frail frame, and even claimed the pics had been altered.

Old news or not, the paparazzi pics of Reid, 39, in Miami Beach are indeed everywhere, and they're not very flattering.

US Weekly, In Touch, Star and others ran the photos that show the actress' rib cage, scary skinny legs, backside, and more.

But Reid wasn't letting the negative attention get her down.

“I’m just a small-boned girl,” she told TMZ last year. “I eat, I eat, I eat. Some people that eat too much, you yell at them that they’re fat. You want to get mad at me because I’m skinny? Great, get mad at me. I am what I am.”

Reid admitted to getting a botched liposuction job in 2006. In 2011, she claimed twice to have been married to two different men, neither of which turned out to be real.

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