Suki Waterhouse Models a Sheer Dress and Dominique Ansel Makes 'Cotton-Soft' Cheesecake

Here's what's on our radar today:

22-year-old model Suki Waterhouse wore a completely transparent dress in an equally transparent attempt to be the only celebrity at Brazil's Mario Testino event that anyone cared about. But hey, it worked! Lookin' good, Suki Waterhouse!

You might know Dominique Ansel as the creator of the Cronut, but this expert pastry chef knows his way around more traditional desserts, too. Watch how he whips up a "cotton-soft" cheesecake in the video above.

Blake Lively claimed on her website that she was attacked by a swarm of bees on her 27th birthday (August 25), and that the experience cured her of her fear of aging. So maybe a second swarm should come in and cure her of pretentious storytelling, too.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner both modeled crop-tops (a see-through one, in Kendall's case) at a DuJour magazine party held in honor of themselves, allowing for navel-gazing on so many levels. Check it out below.

Possibly in an attempt to make us forget about her ridiculous, ridiculous family, Kendall Jenner is also trying to go by her first name only when it comes to her modeling career. It's kind of like what Iman or Fabio did, but much more pointless.

Britney Spears dumped her boyfriend David Lucado, reportedly after becoming aware of a video of Lucado kissing another woman. So yeah, that's a pretty good reason.

Shakira confirmed that she and her husband are expecting their second child together. The two are already parents to a boy named Milan, so we can expect this next kid to be named after his place of conception, too. She was in Brazil for the World Cup, right? Maybe they'll call him Rio de Janiero.

If you're a fan of Paris Hilton, you might want to watch her take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in a bikini (below) while DJing at a club in Ibiza, Spain. And if you're not a fan, you might want to watch how hard those ice cubes smack her in the face.

Beyonce's father, Matthew Knowles, hinted to a Houston radio program that Beyonce and Jay Z's divorce rumors were fabricated to generate ticket sales. It's also entirely possible that Matthew Knowles fabricated this rumor to generate interest in Matthew Knowles.

"Jackass" and "Bad Grandpa" star Johnny Knoxville is said to be developing a quasi-autobiographical television show for ABC. Therefore, we should expect some actor to be only quasi impaled by a bull in a new ABC series next fall.

After being rushed to a NYC hospital following complications from a throat surgery, Joan Rivers is said to be "resting comfortably" in a medically induced coma.

According to the Daily Mail, Gary Busey's housemates on the UK show "Big Brother" aren't pleased by his affinity for walking around nude. But they should probably chill out, because walking around naked is the least crazy thing Gary Busey could be doing in that house.

Despite the fact that he wasn't in the film, Robert Downey Jr. has proclaimed "Guardians of the Galaxy" to be the best Marvel movie to date. And we're betting he'll be even more enthusiastic about the upcoming sequel, because you just know Marvel is working a way to shoe-horn Downey into that thing.

On Wednesday night's episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Jennifer Aniston recalled the time she drank Kimmel's wife's breast milk, describing the taste as "coconut-milky." But you know what else tastes like coconut milk? Coconut milk. So stop stealing that child's dinner and buy yourself some coconut milk, Aniston!

And finally, Apple has announced their official debut date of the iPhone 6, which will soon be followed by its official release date, which then will be followed by the date you obtain the phone and realize it does pretty much the same things as your last one.