Stan Lee threatens to sue over elder abuse allegations

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Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee has slammed reports that he’s a victim of elder abuse.

“Hi, this is Stan Lee, and I’m calling on behalf of myself and my friend Keya Morgan. Now you people have been publishing the most hateful, harmful material about me and about my friend Keya and some others,” the 95-year-old Spider-Man creator said in a video released by TMZ on Wednesday night.

“Material which is totally incorrect, totally based on slander, totally the type of thing that I’m going to sue your ass off [for] when I get a chance,” he explained.

On Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter published a story insinuating that no one surrounding Lee appeared to have his best interests at heart since the death of his wife last year.

The story cited a specific legal document Lee signed in February that reportedly stated that he and his daughter, J.C. Lee, were embroiled in a bitter war over his estate and her trust, arguing that J.C. was under the influence of three men with “bad intentions.” However, the story also contained a video — reportedly shot by Morgan — in which Lee distances himself from the incendiary claims made within the document.

Following the article’s publication, stars including Kevin Smith, Felicia Day and Seth Green reached out in hopes of helping Lee out of what they believed was an abusive situation.

The report was the latest in a series of unfortunate incidents surrounding Lee.

Earlier this month, TMZ reported that Morgan discovered that one of Lee’s former business associates allegedly stole a blood sample from Lee in October and attempted to sell merchandise signed with “Stan Lee’s solvent DNA ink.”

In February, police investigated $1.4 million that went missing from Lee’s home as he battled pneumonia and was hospitalized for an irregular heartbeat.

In January, some of Lee’s nurses accused him of sexual harassment.

This article originally appeared on Page Six.