Source: Tom Cruise 'positive' about his relationship with Katie Holmes less than a month ago

A source with close ties to Tom Cruise said the actor's relationship with Katie Holmes was “really lovely and positive” less than a month ago, as far as Cruise was concerned.

“It was interesting thing to hear that they were getting a divorce, because I had just been with a friend of mine who is close to Tom, and he told me that Tom and Katie had one of the neatest friendships and relationships of all the Hollywood couples he knew,” relationship expert Kailen Rosenberg, who will be starring in OWN's "Lovetown USA," told to FOX411. “I was blown away to hear (about the divorce).”

Rosenberg's friend lends credence to reports that Cruise had no idea Holmes was filing for divorce from him last Thursday.

Cruise's long-time lawyer Bert Fields told the Los Angeles Times that Cruise also had yet to hire a divorce attorney.

"We're thinking about who to use," said Fields. "We have to discuss strategy."

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Holmes’ attorney, New Jersey-based divorce lawyer Jonathan Wolfe, called the divorce "a personal and private matter," adding that "Katie's primary concern remains, as it has always been, her daughter's best interest."

Homes and Cruise share a six-year-old daughter, Suri.

"Tom is deeply saddened and is concentrating on his three children,” Cruise’s publicist said in a statement. “Please allow them their privacy to work this out.”

But both Cruise and Holmes could use some healing right now, according to Rosenberg.

“Like every couple who gets divorced, they’ve got to figure out why it didn’t work and what they can do to heal–especially with kids involved,” Rosenberg told FOX411. “They don’t want to carry that into the next relationship, or have it become a toxin for the kids.”