Shakira and Dora the Explorer Team Up For New Dora Show, Video Duet

Dora the Explorer is (almost) all grown up and she teamed with Shakira for the premiere of Nick Jr.'s new show, "Dora's Explorer Girls," which Shakira guest stars in.

"Dora's a great role model who teaches and inspires kids," Shakira said in a Youtube video. "So I was very excited to be a part of Dora's Explorer Girls."

The Latina power duo also sings "Todos Juntos," a song that encourages teamwork

"Todos Juntos is a great song, its uplifting and its about working together as a team to make this world a better place," she said. "And its bilingual, using both English and Spanish."

The show will feature a tween version of Dora the Explorer, who seems to have been accepted now, but caused a bit of a furor when she was first announced by Mattel and Nickelodeon as a doll in 2009.

The toy maker released a silhouette of the more grown up Dora, which many parents believed appeared to be too sexy.

"Dora the streetwalker. A sexed-up version of a children's icon. A poor example for kids," were parents sentiments, according to Newsvine.

But Mattel and Nickelodeon sought to address parent's concerns, explaining that the silhouette was not wearing a short dress but actually a tunic and leggings.

Regardless, the outcry proved that Dora is a major part of many children's lives and that people feel invested in the character.

No doubt, this is why Nick has rolled out "Dora's Explorer Girls" and teamed the inquisitive cartoon character with one of the biggest Latina superstars in the world.

"Doing the voiceover of this animated character has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life," Shakira said in the video.

"I feel like a kid."

Video for "Todos Juntos" with Shakira and Dora.

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