Selena Gomez accused of lip-syncing in AMA performance

Selena Gomez’s performance at the American Music Awards Sunday night didn’t impress some of her fans, who accused the star of lip-syncing.

Gomez took to the stage to perform her new single “Wolves” with DJ Marshmello. Wearing a white slip dress and debuting a new platinum blonde hair, the singer belted the song, but viewers claimed her words didn’t sync up with the sound coming out of the speakers.

Selena Gomez performing during the 2017 American Music Awards.

Selena Gomez performing during the 2017 American Music Awards. (Reuters)

“Wait wait wait... okay y’all not trying to bash on anyone’s performance but was that a lip sync slip up or like some really loud back up vocals in Selena Gomez ‘s performance likeeeee.... genuinely asking #AMAs  #2017,” a viewer tweeted.

"I love Selena Gomez but she made it so obvious that she lip sync through that whole performance hence why she had her head down & hair covering her face for 99% of the performance," another Twitter user said. "The girl can't sing live so I don't know why she just can't admit it instead of lip syncing."

Someone wrote: “I was just about to say how nice it was to see all the performers singing live and not lip synching....until Selena Gomez came on... #AMAs”

“If only she didn't lip sync it 😭 would've been a great performance,” a user said.

Some fans came to Gomez’s defense and told haters to back off.

“YALL CAN NEVER LEAVE SELENA GOMEZ ALONE! she did amazing and y’all can not accept the fact that she did her best! People will find and do anything to bring anyone down! This is what society has become a place where no one can breathe because you’ll be criticized!!!!!@selenagomez,” a fan tweeted.

Another fan wrote, “may i remind y’all selena is still recovering from a kidney transplant and she just gave the performance of a lifetime. words can not express how emotional i’m feeling right now. literally shaking. #SELENAxAMAs #amas”

The 25-year-old singer ended the song by shrugging and saying “thank you” to the crowd.

Her return to the AMA stage was also her first performance in over a year and a few months after she had a kidney transplant.

She posted a preview days before, captioning the video: “My first performance in over a year... the AMAs have been a place where I’ve shared some of my most intimate moments. Heart wants what it wants, after treatment and now Wolves. This Sunday.”