Sarah Michelle Gellar: Hollywood awards season 'superficial'

Sarah Michelle Gellar promoted the Unilever Project Sunlight at last weekend’s Independent Spirit Awards to inspire a brighter future for our nation’s children.

“Initially when they came to me to host their section at the Independent Spirit Awards, I thought it was such an amazing opportunity because this (past) weekend in Los Angles has become so superficial. We now have cameras for manicures, and I think that actors have a lot more to provide than that,” Gellar told FOX411. “So many actors do so much for the world yet we are talking about their dresses and manicures.”

Gellar, 36, said her celebrity peers were actually relieved to talk about something other than their designer dresses.

“Everybody was so excited to talk about something different, something important. How we are leaving the world behind and what you want for your children,” she said. “It’s not just celebrities sharing but it is everyone else sharing what they are doing. It’s not just the Hollywood realm but the people I meet on the street everyday that share their stories with me.”

The former “Buffy” star said becoming a mother to daughter Charlotte Grace has given her a whole new drive to build a sustainable lifestyle.

“My daughter has her own garden and she grows her own vegetables. She takes pride in watering them and taking care of them and cooking them,” Gellar observed. “She had her first show-and-tell and I asked her what she wanted to bring, and she said vegetables from her garden. She shared them with her friends and it showed that if we teach these children young to take pride and ownership of this world; that is going to make a difference.”

The Unilever Project Sunlight is Unilever’s global sustainability effort aims to build momentum behind a growing community of people who believe it is possible to build a world where everyone lives sustainably, without compromising the needs of future generations.

“This is something everyone can do on their own. I get told all the time, ‘I’m just one person what can I do?’ but if everyone took that attitude we’d get nothing accomplished,” she said. “It’s starting in the family home.”

Danielle Jones-Wesley contributed to this report.

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