Sarah Michelle Gellar: Freddie Prinze Jr. 'greatly exaggerated' injuries

Sarah Michelle Gellar isn’t afraid to tell it like it is-- even when it means contradicting her husband of 12 years, Freddie Prinze Jr.

The actress opened up to Us Weekly about her husband’s recent surgery and said that things weren’t as dramatic as the actor made them seem.

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“He’s fine,” she told the magazine. “He did have very serious surgery, there’s no question, but his 'learning how to walk again' has been greatly exaggerated."

Prinze tweeted several photos of himself with a neck brace and wrote that he was relearning to walk after spinal surgery.

Gellar found humor in the way the story of her husband’s surgery got blown out of proportion.

“I can’t even," she told Us Weekly, laughing. "I’m not joking. Our mail woman -- God bless her heart -- was like, ‘I prayed for you Freddie and it worked, you’re walking.’”

Prinze and Gellar have two children, Charlotte, 5 and son Rocky, 2.