Sadie Robertson: Don't focus on thigh gaps, focus on gap between you and God

Sadie Robertson and her "Live Original" tourmate Bonnie Kate Zoghbi opened up about their personal struggles with body image in a new video.

Zoghbi, best known for her inspirational story of overcoming being shot in the leg during the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting, revealed she struggled with an eating disorder in a video shared on Robertson's page.

"Our culture puts so much emphasis on the way we look and how you should have all of these different crazy ridiculous things," Zoghbi shared.

Robertson interrupted, "And girls, pause for a second. Instead of worrying between the separation between your thighs, you need to be worrying about the separation between you and God because that's what matters."

The "Duck Dynasty" star went on to discuss her struggles with body image.

"I can remember a time where, for a long time, I was really insecure about my body," she said. "One day I was so tired of it, I remember I was looking in my mirror...and I was like, 'God let me see myself for how you see me.'"

She added young girls need to focus on God, not "being a trophy" or "hot guys."

"I'm looking at all of the negative, but when God showed me my worth, it wasn't anything that was on the mirror it was in my content and see yourself for the worth that you are."