'Rock of Ages' hottie Julianne Hough says that 'women were not twig thin' in the '80s: What's the sexiest '80s movie?

Julianne Hough couldn't get any hotter than she is right now. Not only does she have a huge movie ("Rock of Ages") hitting theaters today, the almost 24-year-old also has the curves to show for it.

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"I actually changed my diet and exercise routine a little bit because in the 80s the women were not twig thin," Hough tells Hitfix.com, when asked how she prepared to play a stripper in the '80s rock movie. "They looked like they were 18 years old and they had curves. It was all real, you know? So I definitely beefed up some of my exercises and lifted weights. Yes, I am going to be in underwear on a pole and I definitely had to focus on that."

We'll say it again ... boyfriend Ryan Seacrest is a lucky guy. Sadly, her lap dance scene with Tom Cruise was cut out of the final edit. "The fact that movie audiences won't get to see that is kind of upsetting," she told The New York Daily News. "But hey, I got to shoot it. Hopefully it'll be on the DVD!"

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Ignoring the small fact that it is now 2012, let us know: What's the sexiest '80s movie? (And yes, "Dirty Dancing" counts, too.)