Rob Lowe 'Loves' GOP Presidential Nomination Process So Far

Rob Lowe is a serious political animal, and he's really looking forward to the 2012 Presidential election.

“The only open plots are on the Republican side and it's a free for all. That's exciting! It means it's open to people. This is Herman Cain’s first foray into it, and I think that's a great thing for the country. The more the merrier. I love the process,” Lowe told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column while promoting the new short that he directed, “Butterfinger the 13th.” “When people complain about it, I like to say, 'We get a process. We get what we deserve as voters.' We can vote people in, we can vote people out, and I love it. I love an election cycle and this one is going to be extraordinary to watch.”

And in keeping with his character Sam Seaborn on “The West Wing,” Lowe still has quite the fascination with speech writers.

“It all fascinates me. I love the public policy, the foreign policy, I love all of it, but (speechwriters are most interesting to me) because I played them on TV. The thing that I'm always the most amazed with is how much the young people make this country run in D.C. You go there, and granted the senators, congressmen, and President (are older) but the staff is young, they're making nothing, and working their butts off just to serve their country,” he continued. “I'm always moved by it. This summer, my son went and I was never more proud. He worked as an intern in the majority leader's office during the debt ceiling crisis. He's 18, he could do anything, and I don't know if it will be politics, but he likes making a difference, and he's definitely serious about that.”

Speaking of his children, Lowe also stressed his relief that his youngsters have no desire to follow their dad’s footsteps.

“The good news is neither one of my kids showed any inclination to want to go into acting. I love my business and I wrote a book about it. My book is a love letter to the business and how good it's been to me. That said, my kids have really big brains and I love that they're going in a direction of making their mark in a different world,” he explained. “If they had the burning desire to be an actor like I did, then I would be really honored and I would be really proud of them. But they want to be entrepreneurs and go and conquer that world, because that's different. It's like me choosing material, I wanted to choose something new, and they’re blazing a new trail for our family.”

Lowe knows not to take himself – or his industry – too seriously. In addition to his new “Butterfinger” movie, which has now launched in 500 theaters nationally in a double feature with “Jack the Ripper,” and can also be viewed on Facebook, Lowe created a behind-the-scenes video blog mocking Hollywood.

“It's my version of me as a horrifyingly, egotistical, pretentious actor, and it's made in large part on experiences I've actually had,” he added. “In fact, the outfit I'm actually wearing, which is a fisherman's vest, you do a lot of fishing when you direct, and the faded pink baseball cap is actually an outfit that, I won't name his name, but a very famous Hollywood director who's made over a billion dollars at the box office, literally wears it every day.”

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Deidre Behar contributed to this report.