Report: Richie Sambora fired from Bon Jovi tour over money issues

It sounds like Richie Sambora is living on a prayer, and not much else, for the forseeable future.

According to a report from, Sambora was canned from Bon Jovi's tour and replaced on lead guitar by Philip ‘Phil X’ Xenidis.


It's all about the Benjamins. Lots and lots of them.

Apparently Sambora, who has been in the band for 30 years, makes $2 million a month plus 20 percent of the profits while on tour. Xenidis makes $10,000 a month, with no profit share.

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That's a lot of extra cash to spread around the remaining four band members.

A source told the website that “Richie wants to go back on stage" and is "really upset over the news.”

Rumorfix reached out to Sambora and Bon Jovi. So far, they have made no comment.