Report: Johnny Depp cut off fingertip during fight with Amber Heard

A grisly photo shows Johnny Depp’s hand with the tip of one  bloody finger missing after he mutilated himself during a jealous rage over suspicions that much-younger wife Amber Heard was cheating on him with a rival actor, according to a new report Monday.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star also allegedly dipped his bloody stump in blue paint and used it to scrawl the names of Heard and her suspected paramour, Billy Bob Thornton, on a mirror, according to TMZ.

The image of Depp’s bloody and disfigured digit was posted under a police-tape-style caution saying “WARNING: GRUESOME PHOTO,” and can only be viewed by clicking through the yellow-and-black banner.

The rest of Depp’s fingers and nails appear to be stained with a dark substance, and one knuckle is swollen and bruised.

Depp reportedly injured himself inside a villa in Australia in March 2015, a month after he and Heard were married, and while he was drunk and high on ecstasy, according to TMZ.

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