This is one hot video Jennifer Lopez doesn't want to see shooting up the charts.

Thanks to a first husband she cannot seem to shake, the "Jenny from the Block" singer has found herself embroiled in a Paris Hilton-like sex-tape scandal over steamy footage the former lovebirds shot on their 1997 honeymoon -- which ex Ojani Noa now wants to cash in on.

The sultry singer/actress filed a $10 million lawsuit against Noa, claiming that he breached a confidentiality agreement and was also peddling the sexy home videos. And yesterday, a Los Angeles judge ordered Noa to put the wraps on the intimate footage -- at least for now.

The hot footage, which reportedly also includes scenes of an embarrassing, ugly argument between J.Lo and her mom, is allegedly part of a movie titled "How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The J.Lo and Ojani Noa Story."

FULL STORY: Click here to read the full report from the New York Post.

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