Report: Jack Klugman's son angry Cory Monteith getting special tribute instead of his father

The Emmys tribute to Cory Monteith and several other stars who died in the past year has the family of "Odd Couple" star Jack Klugman incensed.

According to TMZ, Jack Klugman’s son, Adam, is furious that his father -- a three-time Emmy winner and Hollywood legend -- is only getting a brief mention at tonight’s Emmys while some stars like Monteith, who never won an Emmy and died young of a drug overdose, are being highlighted in a special tribute.

At the ceremony, Edie Falco will honor "Sopranos'" James Gandolfini, and Jane Lynch will celebrate former "Glee" co-star Monteith. Michael J. Fox will honor "Family Ties" and "Spin City" creator Gary David Goldberg, and Rob Reiner will speak about his "All in the Family" co-star Jean Stapleton. Robin Williams is even set to honor his former "Mork & Mindy" co-star Jonathan Winters.

TMZ reported the tribute is plans upset Adam Klugman, but Peter MacNicol, who won an Emmy for his role in “Ally McBeal” told the gossip site that while Monteith never won an Emmy, including him in the tribute will shed light on the issues of drug abuse, which makes it educational for children.

MacNicol told TMZ, "The memoriam is not only to honor those who completed a full marathon."

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    The Canadian born actor was a fan favorite on the hit show "Glee" and seemed to have a long career ahead of him before he was found dead in his Vancouver hotel room on July 13, 2013 from a lethal mixture of alcohol and heroin.

    Klugman won an Emmy for an episode of "The Defenders" and two Emmys for "The Odd Couple." He also starred in the long-running medical drama "Quincy." He died in December 2012 from prostate cancer at the age of 90, after losing a vocal cord to, but surviving, throat cancer in 1989.