'Ray Donovan' actress Skyler Shaye: Jon Voight is like my second dad

Skyler Shaye was born and raised around Hollywood royalty.  The “Ray Donovan” actress talked with FOX411 about her famous family (her godfather’s Jon Voight) and her acting career.

FOX411: So what’s your role in the new season of “Ray Donovan?”

Skyler Shaye:  I play a hooker. It’s like playing dress up.  I play a lovable, good hooker.

FOX411: Your mom was a child actress and is a singer, and your grandfather is Burl Ives.  Did your mom encourage you or discourage your acting career?

Shaye:  My mom definitely encouraged me.  She’s more behind-the-scenes.  She’s a country singer so she has her own life going on but she definitely was supportive and let me do what I needed to do.  She’s my best friend so she’s a part of the ride.

FOX411:  A fun fact about you is that Jon Voight is your godfather.  What’s the story there?

Shaye:  Jon directed my mom in a play when she was 17 and he became very close to my grandparents, and he’s been a part of the family before I was ever born.  When I was born my mom asked him to be the godfather of me and he’s basically my second dad.  He’s been there every step of the way.

FOX411:  You have been described as Jon’s surrogate daughter since he’s been estranged from Angelina Jolie.

Shaye:  Angie’s definitely his daughter and they’re very close, they’re close now which a great thing.  I know he was with the grandchildren the other day, Angie’s kids.

FOX411:  Do you think nepotism is real in Hollywood?  Does it help to have family in the business?

Shaye:  I do, I do. I think it does help to have family members who are season in a sense because it helps you stay humbled because you already know the do’s and don’ts because you have your family members who have been through it that can teach you.  I would say to the young ones coming into it just be a good person.