Queen Elizabeth II reportedly gives William a helicopter for his birthday

Prince William turned 32 yesterday and his grandmother gave him a rather stylish present to mark the occasion. Reports say Queen Elizabeth II, 88, has leased a 2008 Augusta A109S Grand helicopter valued at $13.6 million for her grandson says Eonline.com.

William who is second in line to the throne and wife Kate Middleton, 32, have traveled by helicopter before for Royal meetings but using just one aircraft will ultimately be cheaper and safer. It will be used to whisk William and Kate to Royal engagements so they can spend more time with their son Prince George.

The luxurious helicopter can carry seven passengers and has leather seats. Sky News says that it has already been dubbed “Heirforce One.” It can stay up in the air for up to four and a a half hours and reach a distance of approximately 530 miles.

It’s not clear whether William who is trained as a search-and-rescue Royal Air Force pilot will take over the helm.