'Pioneer Woman' Ree Drummond's sweet secret to long-lasting marriage

Ree Drummond may be the sucessful star behind the Food Network's "Pioneer Woman" now, but when she and her husband Ladd were first married, the couple struggled a lot.

"The first 10 years of our marriage weren’t the easiest things in the world. We had financial struggles; we had everything that every couple goes through in the early years," Ladd, whose cattle-ranching business was hit hard when the Mad Cow disease scare happened, told People. "The first six years that Ree and I were married we didn’t take a single vacation, and she never complained once."

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The couple came up with a cute way to make sure that no matter how stressed out they were, they would never go to bed angry.

"We don’t go to sleep in each other’s arms—we like our space—but our feet always touch,” Ree shared. "I know that if our feet touch before we go to sleep at night, we’re not going to bed upset or angry. If we’ve had a little disagreement, as long as our feet touch, it’s all good."

Luckily for Ree, Ladd was always supportive of her career which eventually blossomed into a cooking empire.

"I started with blogging, then wrote cookbooks and went on book tours, filmed a cooking show, and now with our building projects in town he has just always understood what we’re trying to do. He really is my number one confidant," she said.