'Office' star Creed Bratton will eat his dog if you don't see his show

Is Creed Bratton the most interesting man in the world? From nomadic traveler to rock star in Grass Roots to playing a version of himself on the smash hit “The Office,” the comedian never stops surprising his fans.

FOX411: So, Creed you made a video to promote your comedy tour and you said, “The checks are not rolling in like they used to. If you don’t come I’ll be forced to cook and eat Tiger here.” So, how are things looking for your pup, Tiger?

Creed Bratton: I hate to do it to the little guy. He’s stringy. He has an iffy diet. In California you can’t hurt your dog or torture your dog but you can eat your dog, and I’m holding true to this thing. If my fans here in Los Angeles don’t come to the Comedy Store and around I will be forced to fry him up like a little shish kabob.

FOX411: Before PETA gets their feathers ruffled, kidding aside, what do you have in story for your comedy tour?

Bratton: I’ve been getting kind of lukewarm reviews. You know they haven’t been kind with my show, but I think they’re interns out of college, so I really don’t think they understand what my show is about. No, I’m going to go out and talk about the Grass Roots days and my time in Europe and on “The Office,” and the films I’ve done recently.

FOX411: Your character on “The Office” was the creeper amongst his co-workers. Do people confuse your character with you and treat you all kinds of weird?

Bratton: By about the second or third season I would be walking through a Whole Foods and I would see a woman with her child, and she would recognize me and she would pull the child away, and that hurt my feelings, but it almost made me feel kind of good about how I pulled the character off.

FOX411: What was it like working with Steve Carrell and watching him become a movie star while he was still on the show?

Bratton: It was amazing! He stayed so calm and humble through the whole thing. He’s one of the nicest people. It seemed like everybody on our show to Ed (Helms) to Jenna (Fischer) to Oscar (Nunez) are doing projects. We had quite a cast of people there on that show. It was amazing.