Well, it looks like Noah Cyrus' relationship with Lil Xan has come to an end, and for the absolute weirdest reasons imaginable.

The young couple -- who had only been dating for a few months but had already declared their love for one another and had collaborated on new music -- broke up in a spectacularly public fashion over the Labor Day weekend after Lil Xan accused his girlfriend of cheating on him in a post on his Instagram story.

"I feel like I’m probably being cheated on," the 21-year-old recording artist, whose real name is Diego Leanos, wrote in a since-deleted post.

Soon after, Cyrus took to Instagram to explain why Leanos believed she was cheating on him. According to Cyrus, she texted him a meme featuring singer Charlie Puth's head photoshopped onto a naked porn star's body.

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The 18-year-old singer shared a screengrab of her NSFW text exchange with Leanos, which included a censored version of the Puth porn star meme, and wrote, "im heartbroken and confused. this is the meme i sent diego that made him think im cheating on him."

In the photo of the text exchange, Cyrus jokingly sent that meme, followed by "Charlie Puth." A confused Leanos texted back, "Why did you send that pic? Wtf."

Leanos took to his own Instagram story again to let his fans know that he was no longer planning on releasing a music video for "Live or Die," the song he recorded with Cyrus.

"Sorry to everybody, but I’m x-ing 'Live or Die,' that s**ts not coming out, the music video. Yeah, like, you know, people love to just hurt me," the artist said. He followed that up with another video where he lamented, "It just hurts so f**king bad. You think you know somebody, and then you just get used. Literally, my whole life is just being used."

While it's unclear why he felt Cyrus needed to use him when she comes from the Cyrus family, it's equally unclear why he feels his girlfriend would just text him a photo of someone she was cheating on him with, or why the other guy would look like a buff version of the guy who sang "We Don't Talk Anymore."

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Meanwhile, Leanos' Instagram meltdown continued when he took his commemorative RIAA platinum plaque for his single "Betrayed," and the put it in his bathtub and recorded himself apparently urinating on it.

The singer captioned the video, which he posted Monday afternoon, "THIS PLAQUE MEANS NOTHING MY FANS MEAN EVERYTHING."

Later, he shot down Cyrus' claim that his cheating accusations had anything to do with the naked Charlie Puth meme, but instead stemmed from a random photo she'd posted to Instagram on Sunday posing with EDM producer Ookay -- which somehow makes even less sense than the meme story.

"I y'all think that meme is the reason I broke up with Noah, that is hilarious. I broke up with her 'cause she was all over some other dude," Leanos said in a video posted to his Instagram Story.

He then shared a screenshot of her completely public and not-at-all salacious post, over which he wrote, "This is the picture, call me whatever but if you ain't my girl you ain't touching no dude like that sorry aha."

In response to his allegations, Cyrus took to Instagram to share a lengthy message in a series of posts, explaining her side of their break up, and throwing out some cheating allegations of her own.

"First and foremost, this relationship was not set up by Columbia Records. To say that is a joke," Cyrus began, slamming Twitter users' accusations that their relationship was fabricated from the beginning. "It started when I got a DM from Diego and he asked me to hang out."

"The truth is I haven’t seen him in almost a week. Every time we tried to hang out something always got in the way. I then saw a picture of a girl on a court on his story at 2am," she continued. "When I facetimed him later on I noticed a hickey. He told me it was just a bruise. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and ignored it."

She then shared a photo of Leanos, which she said was taken on Sept. 1, showing what appears to be a red mark on Leanos’s neck. Cyrus wrote, “Here is a photo a fan tagged me in the next day.”

“Cheaters like to accuse their partners of cheating to make themselves feel less guilt. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me and now I’m being forced to deal with crazy accusations when I’m not even sure where all this came from," Cyrus added.

She then addressed Leanos directly, writing, “I’ve been there for you during your dark times Diego. When you felt alone and like no one was there for you, I was. If this was your way of breaking up with me and breaking my heart along with it, then you’ve succeeded.”

She ended her statement with a message of support for other women dealing with their own heartache, writing, “If I can keep my head up through this then so can all of you strong, amazing beautiful girls out there. Goodnight.”

ET has reached out to Cyrus' rep for comment.

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The couple were totally head-over-heels for one another last month when ET caught up with them at the 2018 MTV VMAs in New York, where they gushed about making music together.

"We literally, like, went into the studio one night and fell asleep,” Cyrus explained. “And woke up a banger and then we were like, ‘We need to get one out in the next week,’ so we wrote ‘Live or Die’ and like put it out in a week and it's like, the reaction is amazing."

When asked if the pair are in love, Leanos quickly replied, “Of course we’re in love."

"I’m obsessed with him," Cyrus added.