New photo of 'Game of Thrones' star Kit Harington gives hope Jon Snow is still alive

The desperate hope that Jon Snow isn't really dead, shared by many "Game of Thrones" fans across the world, was just given a new spark of life on Tuesday.

Watchers on the Wall, a fan site dedicated to the inner workings of the HBO fantasy epic, posted a photo of actor Kit Harington rocking his character's long locks while walking through the airport in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where "GoT" is shooting.

While Harington's involvement hasn't been officially announced, it's becoming more and more obvious that he may be reprising his role as Jon Snow, but in what capacity is still to be seen.

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The "GoT" cast and creators skirted around the issue of Jon Snow's death during a panel discussion at Comic-Con earlier this month, making jokes about the character's death when asked about it during the audience Q&A.

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The creators have been very vocal, stressing that the death was real and permanent. However, it's possible that they’re trying to keep the truth under wraps, or that the character might come back as a wight, one of the reanimated corpses controlled by the ancient, villainous White Walkers.

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