New documentary argues to completely abolish the IRS

Craig Bergham hopes his new documentary will provide a powerful platform to urge fellow Americans to join the growing movement to abolish the IRS. “Unfair: Exposing the IRS,” which he wrote and produced, delves deep into the alleged abuses of power and cover-ups  at the Internal Revenue Service, including its apparent targeting of conservative groups.

“The national conversation needs to be the start of an abolitionist movement. The IRS is over the line and has got to go,” the nationally-syndicated radio host told FOX411. “We have to take this into a political movement where the tax policy becomes one of the main issues. It has to be black and white. You are either for an income tax system or you are not.”

Gov. Mike Huckabee, who is featured in the documentary, echoed such Bergham’s sentiments – stating that the IRS has become a “criminal enterprise that shakes down innocent people, harasses them out-of-business and does so without accountability.”

Glenn Beck, Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann, David Barton and Grover Norquist are just some of the prominent figures featured in the film.

Bergman insisted that the IRS is still targeting right-leaning groups, even though there was a lot of backlash last year when certain IRS practices were made public. Lois Lerner, who has since stepped down as IRS Director, made headlines and was held in contempt of congress earlier this year in association with the scandal. But ultimately, Bergman doesn’t think she or any other employee will have the book thrown at them.

“I believe none of them will go to jail,” he predicted. “They are going to get away with it. The IRS never allowed a case to go to the Supreme Court. They have the resources to push back, but they know what they do is unconstitutional.”

The film features several members of Tea Party groups and others who claim to have been targeted by IRS officials, but Bergman told us that getting people to talk on camera about their experiences proved to be a challenge.

“We met hundreds of people and made hundreds of phone calls. I was calling good Americans and yet they were so paranoid about their government having been targeted that they didn’t want to talk about it,” he continued.

“Unfair,” the first theatrical documentary to expose the negative impact the IRS has supposedly had on our liberties, businesses, religious, charitable and civic organizations, seeks to make both a moral and economic case for ending the service. In doing so, it brings to light numerous stories of betrayal seemingly enacted by the government faction.

Perhaps in perfect timing, 2014 also marks the 100th anniversary of United States citizens paying income tax.

“The idea of progressive tax on what people earn not what they spend – income tax – came out of the 1850s with Karl Marx and the communist manifesto. The way to destroy and to enslave the free people is go down this route and have class division and take money from people before they even see it,” Bergman added. “The IRS is out-of-control and people should care.”
The IRS could not immediately be reached for comment.

“Unfair: Exposing the IRS” opens in theaters nationally on Oct. 14.

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