Melissa Gilbert explains why she had her breast implants removed

Melissa Gilbert couldn't be happier about her decision to have her breast implants removed earlier this month. The actress told ABC News she went from a cup size DD to a B.

“Just an average B, not a big B,” Gilbert told ABC.

Best known for her role on "Little House on the Prairie," the 50-year-old actress said she first got implants 20-years-ago but before she went for the surgery, she found other ways to enhance her appearance.

“It was just an assumption that it was time to wear a padded bra, that an A-cup was not enough. I had to be a B,” she said of wearing a padded bra at 16 on "Little House."

Gilbert, who said she was a "late bloomer," later decided to get saline implants, then silicone after noticing a huge difference between her and her "Little House on the Prairie" costar Alison Arngrim.

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    "There was a huge difference," Gilbert said. "I was wearing, like, you know, Speedo one-piece bathing suits. She was wearing all these sort of sexy bikinis and stuff. I was nowhere near that."

    Gilbert said her implants were causing neck and back pain. With her husband's support, she finally made the decision to have them removed.

    "My husband has been so supportive and so sweet about this whole process ... He said, ‘Do it, go. Go," she said.

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