Mayim Bialik shares emotional post: I welled up with tears

Mayim Bialik revealed in a blog post that she is having a hard time after her mom left for a week-long cruise.

Bialik, whose father died a year-and-a-half ago, said her mother is trying new things after losing her husband. This cruise "is a big deal" and the actress who typically talks to her mom "twice a day" won't be able to communicate with her at all for seven days.

"So no communication...I welled up with tears," Bialik wrote on "I welled up because I’m happy for her. And I’m nervous for her. This is a really brave thing to do, and it’s especially brave to get on a cruise alone when most people on the cruise are coupled. She misses my dad (how could she not?) but she is getting on with her life. And I am too."

"The Big Bang Theory" star said that she has always "played kind of a parental role with my parents, especially as they have gotten older." But she is learning to let go and allow her mom to enjoy her time away.

"I need to play it cool. I need her to believe I wasn’t worried and that I will be increasingly okay with her forays into an independent life. I’ll be okay. Because she’ll be okay."

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