Madonna talks about being raped when she was 19

Madonna was far too naïve when she first moved to New York City at the age on 19, she told Howard Stern during a SiriusXM interview.

The pop superstar spoke to Stern about when she was sexually assaulted shortly after moving to the Big Apple from the Midwest, going into detail about the incident, which she first opened up about in 2013.

She said she was approached by a stranger when she was trying to make a phone call at a payphone, and she mistakenly trusted him.

“I needed money for the telephone, the pay phone and then he gave it to me… and he was like ‘well, I just live right across the street, do you [want] to make the phone call from my house?’”

Madonna told Stern she followed the man to his home and he raped her.

“The rest is not worth talking about,” she said.

Madonna said she had a lot of bad experiences in New York.

“My apartments kept getting robbed,” she said. “I kept getting everything taken from me. I was attacked in the street…”

The singer said after she was sexually assaulted she decided not to go to the police.

“I was told if I wanted to press charges, I would [need] a physical examination and they were going to ask [me] all these personal questions,” she explained. "You know, you've already been violated… It's just not worth it.”

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